Managed Services

While we consider most fo the services to be managed, here’s we’re referring to manaiging your internal network.

We proactively monitor all aspects of your LAN to have our automated systems detect issues, typically before you even notice them. This allows us to begin correcting problems before they become a problem for your business. We can detect viruses, botnets, and other malware on your network better than a simple anti-virus program can. We even include anti-virus software with our service if you don’t already have a product you’re using.

We make sure all your software is kept up to date with the latest security patches and that all your machines have plenty of free disk space and memory so they can be upgraded or replaced before they become a headache.

Have a large wireless network for your custumers or guests to use? We can manage that to ensure you have coverage everywhere you need it and have plenty of bandwidth available to use.