Technologies We Like

Here are some technologies that we’re fond of, and have experience deploying/using/administering.
Just remember, each one is just a tool. We think it does it’s job very well, and won’t hesitate to suggest using it when it’s appropriate, but we never try to push a technology on a client that isn’t the right fit for their needs.


  • If you have more than a few servers, virtualized or not, you may want to consider running a private cloud. You gain quite a bit of flexibility and scalability at very low cost when moving from a traditional or simple virtualized environment to a real cloud.


  • Reliable & Scalable storage is often very expensive. Ceph solves many of these problems and allows you to build a highly scalable redundant storage cluster about as inexpensively as possible. It’s probably more affordable than you think, and will make you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Google Apps

  • We use Google Apps ourselves, and like it so much we became a reseller. That means that we’re experts at migrating your existing email solution and deploying Google Apps for you. If you’re running your own email server, we can save you money and provide a better experience for your users. It’s also a lot more than email. We may be able to provide this less expensively than Google’s advertised pricing. Talk to us about it, let us show you why it’s better than you think.

Ruby on Rails

  • This is our favorite web framework. We’ve written many custom application in Rails because it allows us to get the job done faster, and the application is more maintainable in the future.